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    Robotic Stock Trading Platform - A Form of Artificial Intelligence

    The ONLY fully automated platform that carries out your personal stock strategies and trades stocks for you 100% unattended!
    No programming required. Simply install the CoolTrade platform, pick your strategies and let the platform do the rest!

    CoolTradePlatform Compatible With Top Brokers

    CoolTrade has thousands of subscribers in over 68 countries and offers you the ability to trade in six foreign markets.
    Private institutions have been utilizing this type of technology for years, now you can too!

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CoolTrade has been hailed as the “Real McCoy" and is the ONLY True Robotic Trader available to the public.

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Disclaimer: CoolTrade does not give stock trading or strategy advice, including buy, sell, or hold recommendations. Any communication from CoolTrade personnel relating to the operation of CoolTrade is only intended for education purposes running the CoolTrade platform in simulation mode. Unique trading experiences and past performance do not guarantee future results. Before trading in a live brokerage account you should test your strategy in simulation mode and speak with your CPA or financial representative (broker-dealer or financial analyst) to ensure that the strategy is suitable for your investment profile.